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CAPRISTO® Exhaust USA is operated by TAURINO Racing LLC. as sole and exclusive CAPRISTO® distributor to the US market.

CAPRISTO Exhaust :: Manufacturing World Leader in High Performance Exhausts

TAURINO Racing is operated by Andrea Taurino and his team: Denis, Johan, Katy and Sonia.

CAPRISTO® is the pioneer and leader in designing and manufacturing high performance exhaust technologies, CAPRISTO® Exhausts are renowned worldwide for their quality, design and enhanced sound.

CAPRISTO® began two decades ago as a manufacturer of exhaust systems for Ferrari cars and have evolved into the premier manufacturer of today's high performance vehicles for the street and racing.

CAPRISTO® is committed to providing world-class exhaust products which surpass the expectations of its customers, and its German facility is a complete with a state-of-the art test and development center where CAPRISTO is continually improving its manufacturing efficiency and standards.

CAPRISTO has pioneered a variety of improvements in the design of performance exhaust systems. Antonio Capristo, founder and CEO of CAPRISTO® Exhausts, currently holds several International patents for innovative exhaust system technologies. Every CAPRISTO® system is made from 309 grade stainless steel (close to Inconel - used in F1 Racing) designed for very high temperature applications (>600*C), employing mandrel-bent tubing, all hand-welded construction, and each and every system is designed with the utmost care and professionalism.

The performance and sound advantages of a CAPRISTO are widely recognized by Sports and Exotic car owners. CAPRISTO® is at the forefront of the movement toward responsible racing with our full line of patented, award and race-winning racing mufflers that not only maintain enhance the sound of sports cars, but also add power and torque.

For more information about CAPRISTO and its exhausts, please contact us directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical assistance can easily be made by contacting us directly either by email or directly by phone. For more information, visit our Contact Us Page.

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