Ferrari 430 – Bracket Kit for OEM muffler



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Exhaust Bracket Kit for the 430 Coupe & Spider

This exhaust bracket kit is designed to replace the OEM bracket to fit the 430 Silencer. It is ONLY for Ferrari 430 Coupe & Spider.

This bracket IS NOT applicable to the 430 Scuderia or for the 430 Challenge!

This bracket kit has been developed by CAPRISTO to eliminate problems associated with the stiff OEM bracket and mounting.

The OEM bracket is not allowing enough movement for expansion and vibration induced movement of the entire exhaust system, this leads to the exhaust experiencing stress loads during the constant expansion and contraction of everyday usage.

The sound waves traveling through the exhaust at different RPM ranges also induce a lot of movement (vibration) and if the exhaust is held in place too tight, that movement is transferred to the weakest place. This weak spot is more often than not, the header pipes. The headers suffer the most from heat and stress forces and will crack and fail under these conditions.

The bracket is of a floating spring design that is not only allowing free movement during expansion, but also provides enough movement to compensate for the vibrations that are found in the exhaust during use. This relieves the stresses that would otherwise have damaged your header pipes.

When fitting the CAPRISTO mounting kit, it is imperative that all original mounting parts are removed, including the upper and lower supports of the original system.

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