Engineering Excellence

Laser-supported Measurement


With the use of a 3D laser scanner which creates a 3D picture of the car without touching it. This serves as a starting basis for the development of the prototype on the computer.

Data Preparation


The scanned data is prepared, cleaned and exported in such a way that these can be further processed using our CAD-Software.


CAD Construction of the System


A virtual system is constructed which serves as the basis for the data to be constructed for our in-house production in order to begin with the manufacture of the prototype.


Coordination and Enhancement


One or more of the system prototypes are tested and enhanced until a perfect result is achieved.


Installation & Testing


The finished construction of the system is now ready for serial production and will be manufactured based on the existing, precise guidelines. CNC-bending and -milling, as well as other modern technology, guarantees a continuous best quality level with high standard.


End Product


Your new exhaust system is now fully ready for installation.


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