Every Capristo component starts with the creation of a complete 3D rendering of the vehicle utilizing our state-of-the-art 3D laser scanners.  Creating this multi-dimensional image of the car is the most important baseline to ensure perfect OEM level fitment of the exhaust or carbon fiber pieces. The rendering generated serves as the starting basis for the product prototype development within our CAD computer software.


Once the scan is complete the data is prepared, digitally cleaned and exported for further processing using our proprietary CAD-Software.  Every file is then cross checked against physical measurements to ensure accuracy.


The digital process starts the beginning of the prototype manufacturing. Utilizing engine specifications, sonic resonance values, and dimensional restrictions, Capristo designs multiple prototype concepts for physical evaluation.  The unique “Capristo sound” the brand is known for is achieved through the constant application of this bespoke formula applied to the specific data matrices of the specific car’s attributes.


Once the digital design processes are finalized multiple system prototypes are produced. Each of these designs are then test-fitted and checked for performance and sound superiority.  Only once the perfect balance of these two goals is found is the result achieved and ready for the next step.


Upon completion of prototyping and testing, the system is now ready for serial production and will be manufactured based on the specific precise guidelines. Billet Steel Jigs are created in-house to ensure 100% accuracy and consistency of each system that is produced.  Similar to engine production at AMG or Ferrari, one welder is assigned to each production model who will then carry out the production from start to finish.  After CNC-bending and CNC-milling of the base T309 (1.4828) stainless steel the exhaust is ready for welding.  All Capristo Automotive products integrate this state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the highest standard of quality.


After the product is completed, the system is hand-polished to a mirror finish and ready for installation on your vehicle.  Only with Capristo are you ensured of 100% German, beyond OEM-level design and construction of your performance modifications.  Accept no Substitute.  Capristo.